Oxford meetup – opening minds when new people meet

Hi! My name is Nikolay and I want to welcome you to my website and social group, Oxford City Social (OCS). At OCS we organize regular social events, usually on a Saturday night, where people from all ages and backgrounds meet to socialize and exchange experiences in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, typically pubs and bars. By meeting people from different nationalities, backgrounds, ethnicity and ages the Oxford meetup provides an opportunity to not only meet positive people and enjoy the night but also enrich your cultural knowledge, make friends and useful work and business contacts, learn new things and more. And the great thing about being part of a social group like OCS is that you will always be meeting with both new people and regulars which makes the socials more interesting and diverse. 🙂

Become a co-host or Event Organizer

OCS is welcoming new organizers who have interesting ideas and want to host their own event, or co-host with us contributing in many different ways. Remember, it is all for having a good time and making our society more united and beautiful. If you wish to become an organizer with us, do not hesitate to drop an email at [email protected] or you can share your ideas with us in person during one of our social events.